7 Signs That Your Root Chakra is Out Of Balance

Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. It is believed that we all have 7 chakras, or wheels, of energy centers spinning within us at all times, starting at the base of the spine all the way up to the top of the head.  Each Chakra has a different type of life force energy which we need and apply to our life. They supply our mind, body and soul with different psychological and emotional functions. When they are out of balance or stop spinning, that means that they are blocked and it will become evident in the way you are feeling and it will start affecting your life in negative ways.

Tapping into these through meditation is a great way to connect with your spirit. There are 7 commonly known major energy centers that follow up the body from the base of the spine up to the top of the head:

  • 1st – Root
  • 2nd – Sacral
  • 3rd – Solar Plexus
  • 4th – Heart
  • 5th – Throat
  • 6th – Third Eye
  • 7th – Crown

Each chakra has their own purpose and connection to your spiritual being.  They control different emotions. When they are blocked and not flowing freely, they create physical manifestations of illness and disease and emotional disturbance.  This is usually brought on by our negative thought processes.

The 1st Chakra starts at the base of the spine, called the Root Chakra, Muladhara . Mula means root and Adhara means base or support.

  • It is associated with the color RED
  • its element is the Earth
  • its related organs are
    bladder, colon/large intestine, skeleton, foot, leg, teeth, arterial blood flow to left chamber of heart
  • Adrenals
  • it is developed in the womb up to 16 months old

It represents security, groundedness, foundations of life, trust, survival and ability to manifest what you need and set goals successfully.

It is the center of our physical well-being and our energetic foundation. It is the gateway to all of the other chakras. Energy from the earth is channeled through your Root Chakra and keeps you feeling grounded. If this is blocked, it will create an imbalance in your life and for all of the other chakras as well.

If you were raised in a loving family surrounded by people who loved and cared for you where your needs were met and you had a sense of security, then you will have developed a strong, healthy Root Chakra.

On the other hand, if you came from a home that was chaotic, unsafe, without stability and consistency, if you moved a lot from city to city, experienced a traumatic event, didn’t connect with other relatives and spend family time together, you probably didn’t develop that necessary foundation of the Root Chakra.

Signs of Imbalance:

  • You might experience a lot of Anxiety and Depression or feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Difficulty trusting anyone
  • You may have issues with your bladder or low back pain.
  • Your adrenals might be very taxed, causing you to feel lethargic all the time
  • You experience difficulty setting goals
  • Eating Disorders are a result of a blocked Root Chakra
  • Financial Difficulties

Some good ways to nourish your Root Chakra are to:

  • Eat more home-cooked MEALS
  • Eat more PROTEIN– legumes, eggs, fish or meat
  • Wear more RED
  • Spend time with a PET
  • Do some gardening, walk barefoot in the grass to connect with the EARTH
  • Spend time with FAMILY (doesn’t have to be blood relatives)
  • Red Jasper , Black Tourmaline, Garnet and Bloodstone are gems/stones that you can place at the location of the Root Chakra while meditating and chanting “Lam” to help align this chakra
  • Essential Oils that help are: Sandalwood, Rosewood, Rosemary, Cedar, Clove, Black Pepper, Francincense, Myrhh, Ginger
  • Getting a Reiki treatment is a great way to help balance and align the energies of the Chakras
  • Meditation is another way to focus on opening and nourishing the Root Chakra and all of the other Chakras as well. Try my Reiki Guided Meditation.

Yoga Poses

Yoga moves the energy in your body, therefore there are many yoga poses that help to open each chakra. A few poses to help with your Root Chakra Energy are:

Mountain Pose- a great pose to connect your feet to the earth’s energy.

Child’s Pose- helps you feel completely supported by the earth beneath you

Anjaneyasana -This pose creates an intense stretch for the psoas and quad muscles. These muscles are associated with the Fight-or-Flight mechanism and are deeply connected to the first chakra energy center. Take 5 deep breaths allowing these muscles time to relax and transform any residual fight or flight energy into calm inner strength.

Warrier II- Both feet are firmly on the ground, creating a feeling of confidence and determination.

Savasana – laying flat on your back, feeling the earth beneath you, letting it fully support you and repeating “I am safe, I am supported, I am secure” as you inhale and exhale.

You now have a good foundation to help you move forward in your continual journey of self-development. Remember: You are supported, you are safe and you are secure!

Love and light!

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