Treat Sinusitis Without Antibiotics

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Do you suffer from sinus infections?

Almost 40 million Americans suffer from sinusitis each year. Sinusitis is inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses sometimes causing an infection that creates mucus build up and pain and tenderness.

It can be caused by:

  • respiratory infections
  • allergies
  • nasal polyps
  • a weakened immune system


  • fever
  • cough
  • congestion
  • mucus drainage in the back of the throat, or postnasal drip.
  • sinus pressure/tenderness
  • headache

Anytime a patient comes into the medical office that I work in, they are prescribed an antibiotic for a sinus infection.  Although recent research shows that your body should be able to naturally overcome mild or moderate sinusitis without medication¹.  Certain essential oils can  help with your sinusitis symptoms, the key is to start using them as soon as you start feeling any of the symptoms. The best oil to use for helping to clear out mucus and open the sinuses is Eucalyptus.  It can also ease symptoms of respiratory conditions by dilating the blood vessels and allowing more oxygen into the lungs.  Peppermint helps to reduce swelling of the nasal passages and helps with headaches, and Lemon also supports clearing out mucus in the nasal passages and sinus regions.  You can use them topically by combining with a carrier oil like coconut oil, to rub on your chest at night or diffuse them in water with a diffuser so that you can inhale the oils while you work or at home. Inhalation of essential oils is an effective way to treat nose, throat and lung ailments.  The properties of the oils are absorbed into the blood circulation faster by inhalation than by oral application.  The diffuser also humidifies the air and helps prevent your skin from getting dry. You can also try a roll-on application of Peppermint for your forehead and temples. This helps relieve headache symptoms.

One more excellent oil that I recommend for daily use throughout cold and flu season is called Germ Fighter by Plant Therapy.  It’s a combination oil that contains a unique blend of Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Cassia and Rosemary oils formulated to keep you and your family safe from germs.  It smells like cinnamon and cloves – I love it. I even brought this one to work and we have been diffusing this one throughout the flu season.  I swear it’s what’s keeping us all healthy!

Most diffusers cost between $20 – $40, depending on how much water you want it to hold and if you want alternating led lights.  They come in various sizes and colors. I picked three different ones that I believe are fairly priced and the best quality.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode,Waterless Auto Shut-off and 7 Color LED Lights Changing for Home Office Baby

Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml & Top 16 Essential Oil Set – Peppermint, Tee Tree, Rosemary, Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus, & Frankincense – Auto Shut-off and 7 Color LED Lights

Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml Anjou Aromatherapy Diffusers, Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier (Up to 8H Use, Mist Control, Waterless Auto Shut-Off, 4 Timer Settings, 7 Color LED Lights, Wood Grain, BPA-free)

Dairy products cause you to produce more mucus and so does sugar. Sugar and alcohol suppress your immune system.  You need to do as much as possible to support your immune system.  Drink plenty of water, preferably lemon water (the lemon helps to loosen the mucus) or hot tea with lemon and get plenty of rest.

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Disclaimer: This website is not in any way intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Please consult your physician for medical advice or treatment.
¹The Journal of the American Medical ASsociation, retrieved from
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Don’t Be Afraid of 50

I’m on a mission to help other women take control of their health and well-being so they don’t have to be afraid of turning 50, 60 or 70 and beyond!

I’m turning 50 in 2018 and for a long time this was a scary number for me because my mom died of cancer 6 weeks before her 50th birthday.  I was 25 years old at the time and a newlywed and it crushed my whole world.   It didn’t make sense to me .  Even though I knew she had cancer and watched her deteriorate over a few months time, I still couldn’t believe that she was gone.  She would never see the birth of her grandchildren, I would never be able to ask advice about being a mom, or have an adult Mother-daughter relationship.  Then when I became a mom, I was terrified of my kids going through the same thing.

As horrible as it was, this experience changed me and shaped me to be a passionate advocate for natural healing and taking responsibility for my own health.  Making educated healthy lifestyle choices to have a better chance of living a full and healthy life and be there for my kids and grandchildren.

I refuse to let the fear of cancer consume me.  Instead I want to let the fear be a catalyst for choosing to be healthy and helping others to focus on living their best life.

If you are struggling with your health and you keep coming up with excuses for your current situation or if you think declining health is because of your age…


You have complete control over your life, your health and your happiness. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make the decision today to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Think about someone or something in your life that is worth more than anything to you right now.  Don’t let them down by ignoring your health!  Find a way to make the committment of being around and healthy as long as possible.

You need to find your “Why”

Something that will drive you and motivate you to get you up in the morning with the intention of living the best life you can.

Instead of living a life of:

  • excuses and complaints
  • constantly running away from your problems and health issues
  • living life like a victim…

Start living the life of your dreams!

Let’s go after a life of health, love and happiness together.  It’s time to invest in yourself!

Listen to this motivational video called “Desire” with motivational speaker, Eric Thomas.

I hope this helps to give you some inspiration for change!

I am currently working on putting together a FREE Wellness e-workbook called

Karen’s 6 Steps to H.E.A.L.T.H.

A Wellcare Plan for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle

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The Biggest Culprit Preventing You From Losing Weight – 57 hidden ways!

I’m sure you already know that you need to avoid sugar to lose weight.  The problem is food manufacturers are very sneaky at hiding it in their products.  They list it in the ingredients, but they are constantly coming up with new names for sugar to make them sound different and maybe even healthier to some people.

Please read this list of 57 names for sugar written by “The Huffington Post” and try to memorize it or bring it with you when you go food shopping.

No matter what you call it, if it’s a form of sugar, it’s going to have calories that will lead to weight gain.  Especially if you are eating it regularly.  That’s why it’s so important to be informed and learn how to read labels!

The most plentiful form of sugar on the market (hidden in 80% of processed foods) and most detrimental to your health is High Fructose Corn Syrup.  It’s in everything from bread to salad dressings, barbecue sauce, yogurt, granola bars, even protein bars!  Don’t be fooled by marketing techniques that try to make products sound healthy like “All Natural” or Nutritious”, “Healthy Alternative”.  The only natural, healthy alternatives are actually made by Mother Nature not a food manufacturer.  Unless there is actually no added sugars, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients at all.

If you do buy protein bars avoid any with high fructose corn syrup and more than 10 grams of sugar and less than 10 grams of protein. And absolutely avoid any artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose.

Check out this video posted by Mark Hyman, MD. He is Director for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and founder of The UltraWellness Center.

Doing Good for Others is Good for Your Health


My heart goes out to all of the people affected by the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida, I’d like to remind people how important it is to help others in need and it is actually good for your health!

So please go to this link and donate to “Hand in Hand” the telethon that is going on right now to raise money for hurricane relief.

Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief

After a year of divisiveness and protesting and violence against each other, we all need to stop and be grateful for everything that we take for granted and are blessed with every day in this country. Unfortunately it takes times of despair and crisis for people to put aside their differences and help each other.  Read below how “Doing Good is Good For You”:

Doing Good

Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Common Household Products

Avoiding exposure to toxic chemical ingredients is the first step to improving your and your family’s health.  It might be impossible to totally avoid every toxic chemical in our environment, but take a few minutes to learn about some common ingredients that you can easily avoid and you will be on your way to a happier and healthier home.

15 Toxic Trespassers

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Click here for 15 Toxic Trespassers

A list of harmful chemicals that are found in products that most women use everyday.