Stress Management

Focus on the Present Moment

Let go of the need to control situations or other people in your life. The only thing you can control is this current moment in time. Rehashing situations from the past or worrying about the future will only cause more stress and anxiety.

Learning how to observe your thoughts, feel them, accept them and let them go will help you keep better control of your emotions and stress level. It will help your life become more fluid and you will encounter less resistance.

Try not to let someone else’s negativity and stress become your negativity and stress. The next time someone is talking trash, or pushing your buttons, don’t engage. Just listen as an observer and don’t allow it to penetrate your energy field. Just observe what they are saying or doing and realize that this is their issue and they are working through something that you have no control over.



This journal has several positive affirmation prompts to help you get out of your ego mind and into the habit of being grateful.

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Breathing Exercise

Try this mindful breathing exercise video to help you feel more calm and present.

Deep Healing Energy – 528Hz Ancient Frequency – Sound Healing Session

The 528Hz and 639Hz Solfeggio frequencies in this video have a specific healing effect on your subconscious mind. It’s a 3 hour video that you can play in the background while working, eating or sleeping and your mind, body and spirit will benefit!
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