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Why Mindful Eating is Your Secret Weapon against Cravings

Have you tried pretty much everything to kiss goodbye your food cravings and had no luck whatsoever? With mindful eating, you don’t need to spend heaps of time and energy on crushing your cravings completely. Telling yourself that you absolutely can’t have a particular… Continue Reading “Why Mindful Eating is Your Secret Weapon against Cravings”

12 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Some people find journaling appealing while others think it sounds like an incredibly boring activity. If you don’t currently write in a journal regularly, you might want to reconsider. There are numerous benefits to recording your thoughts, life, and aspirations on a daily basis.… Continue Reading “12 Benefits of Keeping a Journal”

How To Use My Favorite Essential Oils

If you decide to try anything new to improve your health, please try using essential oils. There are endless combinations and applications, they are safe and natural (when used properly) They smell amazing and can improve your mood and overall sense of well-being as… Continue Reading “How To Use My Favorite Essential Oils”

Raise Your Vibe To Feel Alive!

Our bodies are made up of energy meridians, frequencies and vibrations. Every cell in your body vibrates. Every object and thought has its own vibration. This lifeforce energy is what keeps us feeling healthy, vibrant, and full of life and happiness. When we are… Continue Reading “Raise Your Vibe To Feel Alive!”

Things Your Dr. Won’t Tell You About Health

Things your Dr. doesn’t talk about to keep you healthy