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hamburger-1318807-1279x1069My son, Nicholas, is away at college in his Freshman year and his biggest complaint is the food. The variety and selection appears to be abundant, but when you actually eat the food, I’m sure most of you remember, the quality is quite lacking. Most people end up with the famous “Freshman 15” because of all the junk food and other liquid calories that are consumed during this year of independence.

My son, on the other hand has probably lost weight because he hates the food so much. He is used to eating high protein, whole fruits and vegetables, fresh organic eggs, things with lots of flavor and nutrients. As the oldest child, he has actually adopted a very healthy lifestyle before going away to college. Ever since joining the wrestling team in 8th and 9th grade, having to go through those grueling practices everyday after school, building up strength and stamina to be able to handle an opponent one-on-one on the mat put him into a mindset of wanting to be healthy and in good shape. Even after leaving the wrestling team to pursue his musical passion, he continued to go to the gym regularly, avoids processed food and fast food.  He even refuses to use the microwave because he is worried about what the effects are on our food and ultimately, our health.  I am most proud of how amazingly strong he is in his decision to avoid drugs and alcohol.   He understands how much damage this can do to his body and, of course, state of mind and he wants no part of it.  He is very focused on his future and is working very hard on accomplishing his goals.

When he comes home for a weekend I make sure I send him back with healthy snacks, frozen fruit, protein powder to make protein shakes, coconut water, coconut or almond milk and some home cooked meals. One of his favorite snacks are these protein bites from Enjoy Life

They have 7grams of plant-based protein, they’re low in sugar, free of: gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame, sulfates, casein, potato. Most importantly they are made of all natural ingredients and taste great. They are a great pick-me up snack in between classes, or even good as a quick breakfast on the run.

Please let me know what you think if you decide to try them. I’d love your feedback!


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