Karen Granelle is guided by her mission to help others come into pure alignment with the Divine light of healing energy that is within all of us. As a nurse, published author and energy healer, Karen combines her knowledge in the medical field with esoteric wisdom and energy healing modalities to assist her readers and clients in manifesting a vibrant life of abundant health and wellness.

Her self-published journal, “Healing Vibes Journal for Anxiety” teaches people how to raise their vibration to integrate powerful mindset shifts and live in the present moment so they can improve their physical, spiritual and emotional self to overcome anxiety and manifest more positive outcomes in their life.

I would love to work with brands that are aligned with my standards for holistic living.  I’m looking to partner with brands that have products I believe will help my readers improve their lifestyle by eliminating toxins and harmful ingredients in their home and beauty products and enabling them to achieve a more holistic lifestyle.

Types of assignments I’d love to work on:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Video Creation

I’m also open to any other ideas from companies that are aligned with my “holistic vision!”

You can reach out to me via email:

Instagram: @Holisticlivingwithkaren

Facebook Page: Holistic Living With Karen