Don’t Be Afraid of 50

I’m on a mission to help other women take control of their health and well-being so they don’t have to be afraid of turning 50, 60 or 70 and beyond!

I’m turning 50 in 2018 and for a long time this was a scary number for me because my mom died of cancer 6 weeks before her 50th birthday.  I was 25 years old at the time and a newlywed and it crushed my whole world.   It didn’t make sense to me .  Even though I knew she had cancer and watched her deteriorate over a few months time, I still couldn’t believe that she was gone.  She would never see the birth of her grandchildren, I would never be able to ask advice about being a mom, or have an adult Mother-daughter relationship.  Then when I became a mom, I was terrified of my kids going through the same thing.

As horrible as it was, this experience changed me and shaped me to be a passionate advocate for natural healing and taking responsibility for my own health.  Making educated healthy lifestyle choices to have a better chance of living a full and healthy life and be there for my kids and grandchildren.

I refuse to let the fear of cancer consume me.  Instead I want to let the fear be a catalyst for choosing to be healthy and helping others to focus on living their best life.

If you are struggling with your health and you keep coming up with excuses for your current situation or if you think declining health is because of your age…


You have complete control over your life, your health and your happiness. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make the decision today to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Think about someone or something in your life that is worth more than anything to you right now.  Don’t let them down by ignoring your health!  Find a way to make the committment of being around and healthy as long as possible.

You need to find your “Why”

Something that will drive you and motivate you to get you up in the morning with the intention of living the best life you can.

Instead of living a life of:

  • excuses and complaints
  • constantly running away from your problems and health issues
  • living life like a victim…

Start living the life of your dreams!

Let’s go after a life of health, love and happiness together.  It’s time to invest in yourself!

Listen to this motivational video called “Desire” with motivational speaker, Eric Thomas.

I hope this helps to give you some inspiration for change!

I am currently working on putting together a FREE Wellness e-workbook called

Karen’s 6 Steps to H.E.A.L.T.H.

A Wellcare Plan for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle

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    • Thank you Cyndi, you are so right about self-care – it is very important for caregivers! I’ll be sure to focus on that in one of the chapters!

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