• Holistic Approach

  • Evaluate Your Life

  • Action

  • Love Yourself

  • Take Responsibility

  • Healing Therapies

Wellness is “Pre-active” instead of “Reactive” which is what standard medical care is. Learn how to become pre-active as well as pro-active to achieve your wellness goals. Try downloading and printing my “Wheel of Holistic Wellness” here:

Wheel of Holistic Wellness

Read over the “spokes” of the wheel which represents 9 different aspects of a well-rounded, happy and healthy lifestyle.  Give yourself a rating from 1-10 on each section, representing how satisfied you are right now in this area of your life.This is a great tool to help you to focus in on which areas you feel need the most improvement right now.     It’s a great way to start setting goals for yourself and to start taking control of your health and happiness!

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