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Essential Oils:

Place a few drops in a diffuser to promote a lively atmosphere at home or at work. Use at a 3-5% dilution in a body lotion, or in a carrier oil for an invigorating and uplifting massage.

The energizing aroma of the essential oils in this synergy are uplifting and stimulating to the senses; don’t let any time of day defeat your drive. Reach for Organic Energy Synergy and get going once again!

Apply Organic Energy first thing in the morning, by diluting using your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil at a 3-5% dilution, and apply to the wrists or back of neck; inhale, for the energizing burst you need to get you going, or after lunch to help you get through the rest of the day!

Plant Therapy Energy Synergy Blend

10ml bottle contains the 100% pure,undiluted essential oils of Orange Blood, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger Root, Eucalyptus Globulus, Geranium Egyptian. *Price includes sales tax and shipping

13.49 $

In order to raise your vibration, you need to align all of the chakras and the 1st chakra is the Root Chakra. This chakra grounds you and gives you a sense of safety and security and is the foundation of all the other chakras. A strong and balanced foundation serves as the anchor to the wellbeing of our whole being. When we feel grounded, we experience a greater sense of safety, security, and support. This chakra also supports feelings of trust and belonging so that we may connect to the world around us.

Use this synergy to help soothe, calm, and relax when you are feeling disconnected and distressed. Helps to create a sense of security, protection, and hope. Supports feelings of trust and belonging. Firmly grounding and centering, while allowing a sense of expansiveness and higher connection.

Root Chakra Grounded Foundation Roll-on

The Grounded Foundation Pre-Diluted 10mL Roll-On is pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil making it ready to use. Anoint the soles of feet, or back of the knees with intention. Contains the 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Spikenard, Frankincense Carteri CO2, Palo Santo, and Vetiver diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil at 3%. *Price includes shipping and sales tax

14.95 $

Passive Lotus Diffuser

The chic lotus flower top is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and gently scent the air in a 160-foot radius without using any heat or electricity. Just apply 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend directly to the flower and enjoy. Because this diffuser is porous, it is normal for oils used to discolor the lotus flower. *Shipping and sales tax are included in price

14.99 $

Plant Therapy has created a special line to help balance the 7 major chakras of your natural energy system. The Chakra Set includes a 10 mL bottle of each of the 7 chakras synergies. The set is packaged in a round box that includes a booklet with detailed information on each of the synergies. Each bottle targets a different chakra and has a variety of aromas and can be used by inhalation or topical application. The 7 chakras in order are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow/Third Eye, and Crown.

Simply add -2 drops to a tissue or cotton ball, or aromatherapy jewelry. You can also diffuse, or add 10-12 drops to your personal inhaler and breathe in gently. The key is to get a gentle hint of the scent and not to overwhelm the senses.

Dilute to 1% in carrier oil. Anoint area of the chakra by gently touching or massaging in a clockwise position. For the first chakra, you may use the soles of the feet and/or touch behind the knees.

Chakra Synergies Set

The Chakra Set includes a 10 mL bottle of each of the 7 chakras synergies. Each synergy targets a different energy area and has a variety of aromas and can be used by inhalation or topical application.

99.95 $


Chakra Roll-on Set

Set of 7 pre-diluted Chakra synergies in a 10mL roll-on. Each one is diluted at 3% in Fractionated Coconut Oil and can be applied directly to your skin! At 10 mL each, they make perfect travel buddies, too! Dab them onto the correlating chakra points and rub gently in a clockwise direction. Use as anointing oils by applying directly to the chakra. Or, anoint the palms of the hands, hold over the chakra, and then inhale. Use on pulse points for a personal aromatic perfume by simply choosing based on how they make you feel.

59.99 $

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