Shoulder Pain

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As I have discussed before, I am approaching the big 5-0 soon and I’m feeling some of the physical effects that a lot of people my age tend to experience.  Unfortunately after being in several jobs that utilize a lot of repetitive motions, and physical strains, my shoulder is starting to let me know that it is feeling the results of overuse and if I’m not careful, its only going to get worse.

I went for an MRI and I have partial tearing of one of the tendons that support the rotator cuff as well as tendinosis, and degenerative changes of the AC joint (basically arthritis) and some bursitis.  So if I’m not careful, it can get worse and I could end up needing surgery. But I refuse to let that happen.  unsplash-logoHarlie Raethel

I might not be able to stop the aging process, but I can help it along and support it as best as possible so that I don’t end up suffering through a surgery that requires heavy duty pain killers and months of rehab.

I tried physical therapy and honestly it made me feel worse. I then went to an orthopedic specialist who said this doesn’t need physical therapy, I just needed to let the shoulder rest but he also said not to stop exercising because he didn’t want the shoulder to become weak. Sounds kind of contradictory.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and look online for exercises to help shoulder injuries.  I actually ended up buying this e-book called “How to Prevent and Treat Shoulder Injuries”.  I really want to build up the muscles around it and improve my posture to help prevent my situation from getting worse and to protect my other shoulder, which is starting to bother me as well.

It’s a 37 page e-book with pictures describing many different simple exercises that pertain to different types of shoulder injuries.  She offers a money-back guarantee so if you want to protect your shoulder, I suggest you give it a try. Click Here!

I will keep you posted after a couple of weeks of doing the exercises and let you know how its going.

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