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Karen Granelle

Holistic Healing Coach

Reiki Master Practitioner

I am all about helping people learn how to improve their body’s ability to heal itself!  After years of working in healthcare as an LPN I’ve seen , first hand, how many health complications arise and spiral out of control as a result of poor lifestyle choices and the misguided belief that there is a pill to “cure” everything.  

Our healthcare system only concentrates on medicating people to treat their physical symptoms after their health is in trouble. People are taking multiple medications to “cover up” their symptoms.  They are a temporary fix.  There is so much more than just our physical body to consider. 

Our bodies are made up of energy meridians, frequencies and vibrations.  We have energy centers that run through our body called chakras as well as an energy body, or aura, which is an energy field that extends beyond the physical body .  This energy field interacts with your physical body and the chakras. The 7 major chakra centers regulate spiritual, mental and emotional imbalances as well as physical pain and dysfunction. 

I created this blog because I genuinely want to help people realize that their bodies are meant to heal themselves and we are in complete control of our health and our circumstances (as hard as that might be to hear).  

I want to help people create a life of abundant health and wellness by having fun manifesting their dream life!

I strive to help people come out from underneath the layers of toxic, carcinogenic pesticides, parabens, and synthetic medications and genetically modified foods that leave us feeling anxious, depressed and out of control of our own health.  Break free from all the negative false information that we have been conditioned to believe for too many years and to help you turn within yourself to get reacquainted with the divine light of healing energy that is within all of us and achieve true health, wellness and happiness!


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