About Me

My name is Karen Granelle. I am all about helping people learn how to make healthy choices in their life. I want to help as many people as I can to get out of the rut of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles that have caused unprecedented incidences of obesity and diabetes in this country.  I currently work in a medical office as an LPN. I see , first hand, how many health complications arise and spiral out of control as a result of poor lifestyle choices.  There are countless people that are being treated for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes because our healthcare system only concentrates on medicating people to treat their symptoms after their health is in trouble.  We all need to change the current state of healthcare in our country by taking control of our health and using doctors for preventative care, not “sick care”. I created this blog because I genuinely want to help people. That is the reason why I got into the healthcare field to begin with.  I want to share my knowledge and experiences with different healing modalities and products so we can all work towards changing the rising costs of healthcare.  Oh, and to hopefully find some new friends along the way too!

My backyard garden!

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